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written by Leslie Dahl

Have you ever thought, “I’m stuck—stressed, depressed, and can’t see my way out?” If so, this might be the most important ebook you read all year.


Want thorough training to help you master your trade with confidence, but can’t imagine it fitting into your busy schedule?

We’ve built an online training curriculum that provides you with the benefits of live training, but without the constraints.

Confident With Purpose offers high quality online video training that you can watch on your own time. So you can learn on your own time—and grow on your own time. We pour passion, knowledge, and practical pointers into all of our videos. Which means the training won’t just engage you; it will also change you.

You’ll become more knowledgeable, more capable, and more confident after going through our training. The skills you’ll learn will last you—and benefit you—for a lifetime.

Furthermore, we’ve worked hard to make our content is both easy to understand and easy to implement. All our training is broken into bite-sized lessons, which walk you through step-by-step until you complete the entire online curriculum.

Think about it…
There’s never been a better time in history to grow your skillset and mindset, since there’s never been a time in history when world-class training was so accessible! The internet has changed everything. The doors to growth, opportunity, and success are wide open. And so now is the time to train.

Amazing Personal Development

Ready to change your life for the better? Change happens here!

Many people REACT to the challenges of life… This powerful session will show you how to RESPOND instead.

You’ll get the keys to living a life of purpose, overcoming your limitations and taking your whole life to the next level.

  • The Foolproof Way to Create Positive New Habits
  • Life and Legacy: Living Life On Purpose
  • The Skill Set Assessment: An Inventory of Personal Aptitudes
  • 4 Keys to Permanent Change
  • Eliminating the Blind Spots in Your Life


“Leslie Dahl is one of a kind. With wit and enthusiasm he’s continuously produced highly engaging articles appeasing the intellectual senses of all of his readers. His knowledge on topics ranging from leadership and coaching to empowerment and workforce productivity is evident in his consistent contributions to our website.

His diligence and commitment to the highest writing standards is respected by our organization and our entire network and we are delighted to experience and share his exceptional work. I highly recommend his services to anyone!”

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