After acknowledging His Presence with the “3 Prayers”, the first part of the Father’s “365—6 a.m. Challenge”, I recalled a conversation God had with Joshua. He, like me, was facing a new venture filled with uncertainties.

God's instructions were straightforward, reassuring and somewhat unusual. As he considered the daunting obstacles ahead, Joshua was to “meditate day and night” on the “Book of the Law”.(a)

This Book was to shape Joshua’s perception, evaluation and responses to the situations he encountered. It was to guide his thinking, feeling and choosing as he, together with his generals, formulated battle strategies.

This all-inclusive immersion in and implementation of God’s Word would require great strength of mind and courage of heart on Joshua's part.


I saw where these thoughts were leading me. Like Joshua, I was to “meditate” on the Scriptures. But when I prepared myself for...

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