The “3 Prayers That Start Your Day Off Right” were definitely a good start to our special 6 a.m. time together.

  • They create a clearly defined framework within which I successfully engage the day unfolding on my path.
  • They clearly define my posture in regard to God, myself, and the day before me.
  • They establish a connection through which the Power of God can flow throughout the day.

But what next?

I waited quietly for further instructions. Father called the meeting, so it was only fitting and proper that He should determine the agenda.

God’s instructions to Joshua came to mind.

Joshua was about to embark on a conquest of new territory in which he would encounter fearsome foes and formidable obstacles.

He, like me, had been summoned to a special meeting with God to discuss the way forward. 

I found the conversation in the Bible...

“I will be with you. I will not leave you or forsake you. Only be strong and very courageous…...

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