Have you noticed?

Leaders, influencers and successful people talk about how “HABITS are the key to your success”.

There’s good reason for the attention given to habits.

Habits are the bridge between

what you think and what you do.

And in the age of information…when ANYTHING you could EVER want to know is just a “Hey Siri!” away…

… it has never been so needed, that we find constructive things to DO with all our information!

And that’s where habits come in;


They take the information in your head…

…and implant it in your daily doings.


Here are 4 habits that make a huge difference in my life:

You’ll discover your passion and find your purpose as you cultivate these 4 habits.

They result in a meaningful, satisfying life.

No, I didn’t pull this from some “top 10 success habits” blog post (although, you will inevitably find them included in these lists)…

I live...

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By way of introduction:

This series of articles describes in more detail how the 365 — 6 a.m. Challenge came about and how to implement it at the start of your day. They were originally posted to my Confident With Purpose FB group and on my Good Morning Cafe.


This morning I ‘m throwing down the gauntlet. Are you brave enough to take up the “365 — 6 a.m. Challenge”?

Several months ago, the Father challenged me to meet with Him at precisely 6 a.m. in the morning.

I tend to be a morning person, so the early hour suited me quite fine. At that time, the rest of the family would still be asleep. It would be perfect for a one-on-one with my heavenly Father.

The invitation had the feeling of a close friend inviting me to meet with him at a cosy cafe for a personable meeting over an early morning coffee.

I kinda liked the idea but had no clue what I was in for. After all,...

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