Michelangelo, the famous Italian sculptor, stared pensively at the shapeless block of marble.

Gouges bore evidence of previously unsuccessful attempts to create a worthy representation of David, the Biblical hero known for his courage in the face of the indomitable Goliath.

Slowly, the master circled the rough-cut mass of stone.

“A masterpiece lies hidden inside,” he muttered. “I must find it and reveal it for the world to see!”

Michelangelo chipped at the massive boulder.

With each skillful cut of his chisel, the indistinct mass took shape. Each deft stroke exposed increasing genius and magnificence.

Gradually, the youthful David emerged, a stirring masterpiece by the hand of the master.

What was Michelangelo’s secret?

When other artists saw only a common stone, like innumerable others hewn from the quarry, Michelangelo saw a unique masterpiece!

When others labored with tedious chiselling at a shapeless mass, Michelangelo patiently searched out the...

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