There are certain people who simply love to give. Giving is a habit…it is their nature…it is their lifestyle.

These people—the givers—are busy and productive yet they readily give a listening ear, a helping hand, and a shoulder to lean on.

 But they are not always visible. Many givers fly under the radar and are happy to do so. They are fully engaged in their own business, yet intuitively aware of others’ needs.

They passionately pursue their own success and prosperity, yet always have time to empower others to achieve theirs. Givers want nothing from you except to see you succeed.


Here are 4 simple but meaningful ways to give… 

     1. Give worth…

Address people by their name. When you speak to people by name, you affirm their human worth with a message that resonates deep in their psyche.

“You are not a faceless, generic, taken-for-granted human robot. You are a name-brand...

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