All of us want to make a difference.

Our sense of worth is validated when we make a difference—in our family, at work, to our friends.

The question is how?

The starting point is to focus on BEING the difference rather than MAKING a difference. Our presence alone is enough to make a difference.

Making a difference is not so much our performance as it is the natural outflow of who we are. Words and actions simply magnify the difference.

Making a difference springs from a heart that cares.

When compassion is deeply rooted in the core of our being, we intuitively identify with the anxiety or anguish of someone else in their suffering (sympathy).

We understand their plight because we sit where they sit or walk in their shoes (empathy).

Compassion will not and cannot be confined to feelings of sympathy and empathy, however.

Through acts of kindness, compassion seeks practical expression that is prompted not by pity but by the desire to empower.

A difference is made by little...

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